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Apple iPad Markets the money out of your pocket!

As expected, Apple adds the front and rear facing camers to the Apple iPad, deliberately leaving it out of the first version of the iPad to ensure that they will can double their profits when people are forced to upgrade. Reminds me of Fiddy Cents famous quote: “Remix, that’s how you turn one hit record […]

Apple Infringing on Another Patent? Go figure…

For a company that claims to be innovative, they sure infringe on a lot of patents. You’d think that infringing on patents would be the behavior of an IMMITATOR, not an innovator, that Apple claims to be. Its like one after another… they keep copying what all the other phone providers are doing, and call […]

What Steve Jobs and Apple Really Sell..

Finally, a concise article that really shows what Apple Sells, and what Steve Jobs does. Apple isn’t really anything that is good, its a big gimmick, and well-marketed product that the masses desire. It doesn’t really matter whether it is good or not.. The world simply buys into Steve Jobs’ sales pitch.

The Misconception that Microsoft is Bad, and Apple is Good

There is a serious misconception out there, mostly driven by Steve Jobs’ misleading ads, that Apple is a good company, with your interests at heart when in fact it is driven by profit and Steve Jobs’ ego-maniacal need to out-do Bill Gates. Bill Gates, along with his good friend Warren Buffett are both known to […]

The Face of an Ass

Ever wonder what an ass looks like? Well, wonder no longer.