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Rejection Phone Numbers Hotline

Have you ever gotten a rejection phone number when you asked a girl for her number? I haven’t, but watching CSI: New York last night reminded me of these embarassing numbers, and how you could potentially get one. There’s a Rejection Hotline Website that has numbers all over the US and Canada, but being that […]

Why Girls like Badboys

Listening to good ‘ol Kid Carson show this morning, again gave me a little idea for another article. There are many out there thay believe that women like Bad Boys, and there are even more misconceptions out there that Bad Boys are Players. Bad Boys are NOT players, nor are they Nice Guys. We need […]

The 7 Hour Rule

How many hours of contact with a girl does it take for her to feel comfortable enough with you to have sex with you? Well, the magic number is supposed to be “Seven“. This is not something that is well-documented, nor is it a stat that most people talk about too much. Quite often people […]

Break Up Email

I was listening to the Kid Carson show this morning, and though this is not really girl advice, it is a way to deal with that clingy girl that you can’t seem to break up with. There was an interesting segment about this website, and how it generates emails for you to use when breaking […]

Zero Hour Is Upon Us! Thats Right Guys V-Day Approaches

So here we are with 11 days till valentines day and those of you who have a special someone to buy for are probably frantic. Or maybe not. Lately I’ve noticed a growing trend, guys who don’t “believe” in Valentines day. I’m not an expert and I have not studied the growth in sales or […]