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DIY Hi-Fi Vibration Dampers – Kind Of…

Ever wonder why hi-fi audio vibration dampers cost so much darn money? Yeah… me too. $250 or more for a chunk of magical meteoric material that will make your audio system sound whole again! Well.. there is something to be said for properly damping the vibrations in your stereo system, but putting an overpriced paperweight […]

Taddeo Passive Digital Antedote II

The first device I’m going to talk about is the Taddeo Passive Digital Antedote II… which I’ll call the PDA2 from here on in 🙂 This unit was sold and marketed by Taddeo Electronics at one point, which was designed to create a more liquid and less digital sounding source when using CDs for musical […]

DIY Audio Components, Cable and Room Treatments

In the upcoming little while I will start to post articles on how to build your own Audio Components and Cable as well as Room Treatments. Upcoming in the plans I’d like to publish an article on building your own Power Conditioner as well as Passive Preamp and Phono Preamp, and Gainclone Monoblocks. With the […]

Bryston BP26 Preamp with DAC

Got a listen to the new Bryston BP26 preamplifier this weekend… very nice unit. This one had the DAC option, not a bad peice of kit for $5000. Coupled with the Bryston 4BSST power amplifier it really sang. Speakers were a pair of Monitor Audio’s top of the line Gold speakers. Strength – This combination […]

Great Speakers in the $10,000 to $20,000 Range

There are plenty of speakeres out there, and the $10K-$20K range is plentiful.. so where does one start in the search for the perfect loudspeaker with $20K in the pocket? Here is a bit of guidance with 5 models that I recommend: Quad 2905 electrostatic : it and the 2805 are the best sounding Quads […]