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Balanced XLR or Single-Ended RCA?

A question often asked in audiophile circles is “Should I use XLR or RCA interconnects?”. This is a simple question if you have both available to you on all your equipment: Try both, and use the one that sounds better to you. However, when only one or two of your components has the ability to […]

Krell KAV-300CD CD Player Revisited

Well, not revisted by me, but revisted since its such an old player that I’m just now discovering. I’ve never really had the opportunity to listen to Krell source components, but I’ve heard plenty of Krell preamp and amps. Very nice peice of kit, Krell makes. Over the last week I’ve had the chance to […]

Lite DAC62 or Monarchy M24?

Which one, that is the question. Well, The Monarchy M24 is essentially a Lite Dac 52 with modified or upgraded parts, and the Lite DAC62 is an improved circuit layout of the DAC 52.. so which is better? That’s up to you, I suppose. I would put forth that if the Monarchy M24 was not […]

Review: SimAudio Moon Andromeda

Wow. This is simply the BEST CD Player I have ever heard, tube, solid state everything in between included. I heard this player hooked up to my personal system and it simply blew my mind. I also heard it connected to an all-Sim system, but wasn’t able to evaluated it properly. This CD Player has […]

Pass Labs’ US Dealer network falls apart!

Pass Labs, one of the premier producers of Audiophile equipment in the world, had a collapse of their US dealer network as they have concentrated so much on overseas sales. They’re addressing the issure now, but since they have been doing all their sales overseas they have lost all their US dealers. The are re-establishing […]