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Google’s Donating $20M for Christmas

Every Year, Google sends some gifts to their clients and publishers for their hard work. This year Google is doing something different, and very cool. Much better than a little USB drive with Google printed on it or something like that… this year they’ve donated $20,000,000 to various charites around the world. See more here: […]

Who else LOVES Bad Romance?

I’m absolutely addicted to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.. hell I love all her shit. She is one talented musician. She is kind of ugly, but undeniably sexy in her Gaga way. She is also extremely smart and absolutely incredible to watch live.

What happened to the double yolk egg?

I used to get double yolk eggs all the time when I bought eggs.. at least once in every couple dozen. This was maybe 10 years ago. Now.. I totally forgot about them until I got one for the first time in as long as I can remember. Strange. Are our hens genetically made to […]

Jewish Girls are HAWT – JILFS, Baby!

I’ve always found a few Jewish actresses quite hot.. some like Rachel Weisz, who while nearly 40, has an undeniable charm to her, combined with her hot English accent. The article also mentions Emmanuelle Chriqui, who’s absolutely gorgeous and Rachel Bilson who is also quite a looker. While I never realized that any of these […]