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Hottie of the Moment: Alecsa Nelson

Alecsa Nelson has just recently been crown Ford Supermodels Supermodel of the World Canada and she’s from Langely, BC. She’s only 17, but the 5’11” green-eyed beauty is drop-dead gorgeous, and will compete in the World Competition by Ford Supermodels in January. The grade 12 high school student has been modelling since she was 12, […]

Serena Williams’ Bloody Tampax…

Ew. I don’t think we need to hear any more about that, however, the new Tampax Commercial featuring Serena Williams versus Mother Nature they are very explicit about all the “blood” that Mother Nature will let Serena See. Distasteful? Yes. Does any of us really want to know all about Serena Williams’ Bloody Period? No!

Treasure-Hunter finds $1.9 Million in Gold and Silver!

Now if this doesn’t make you wanna give up your day job and buy a metal detector, I don’t know what will. This guy digs up a pile of Gold treasure work 1.9 Million dollars with ancient Christian Sword fittings and other anglo-saxon relics in sold Gold and Silver in a rural English town.–19-million-worth-20090925-g5tm.html

Miracle Berry – First Taste!

I finally got around to trying out the Miracle Berry I ordered a while back, and let me tell you.. this stuff really does work! It is probably one of the strangest sensations that I have ever had… We consumed 0.5g of Freeze Dried Miracle Berry and waited 10 minutes to start eating.. I would […]

Central 1 Credit Union Declare’s BC’s Recession Over

So, according to these guys, our recession is over. What does everyone else think? Many people claim “Oh, my friend just lost her job, it can’t be over”, or other similarly microcosmic statements that fail to see the BC economy as a whole. Additionally, employment is one of the slowest factors to recover, oftentimes never […]