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Hottie of the Moment: Nikki Reed

Nikkie Reed has been acting since 2003, when she co-wrote the script for the autobiographical movie “Thirteen” which is about the misadventures and other exploits of a small group of 13 year old girls. The movie was controversial and eventually led to her dropping out of public school and taking up home schooling. She would […]

Building a Good Karaoke System – Part 3

See Part Two. In part 3 of this series of articles, I’m going to show you the process I used to create a Songbook using the files generated by the software we used in Part 2. Additionally you will need a Spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel, and a fairly sophisticated text editor such as […]

The ImPark Parking Scam – Check Those Receipts!

Maybe it’s because I just moved back to Vancouver and am a bit naive about how some of these big parking corporations handle their business, but ImPark is an very dishonest company as far as how they list their parking rates. It’s deceiving and meant to get you busted for a parking ticket. READ YOUR […]

Blackberry Curve 8330 Line 1/Line 2 Problem

As evidenced by the number posts on various Blackberry forums, RIM’s design of the new blackberry software has some glaring faults. The phone is built in with a Line 1 and Line 2 system so you can have two phone numbers attached to your account. They also made it really easy to switch between the […]

Building a Good Karaoke System – Part 2

See Part One. In this next installment of my Karaoke system building, I will talk about how I got the songs onto the AcomData harddrive and made them work with my CAVS 203G USB karaoke machine. This part is one of the more technical and computery parts of this series of articles, and a little […]