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2010 Olympic Videos – Flame Cauldron and Streets

Here are some videos I shot of the Flame and the crowds on the streets during the Olympics 2010 in Vancouver.

Why is Racist Bitch Ann Coulter Coming to Canada?

If Muslims should take flying carpets instead of be allowed on Airplanes, why the hell did we let this racist bitch Ann Coulter set foot on Canadian Soil? What kind of example is that? Big freaking whoop. A bitch gets lippy and insults so Muslims… she’s only popular because she makes half the world hate […]

Facebook > Google???

Looks like the battle for domination of US Internet Traffic has ended in Facebook’s favor for the first time. This is very interesting to those that use the internet as a means of income as it means that facebook may start branching out to take over Google’s ad revenue, which is their primary source of […]

BC Teens Helping to Reduce Teen Shootings

This is the second instance in a month in which a BC Teen has helped put a stop to what could possibly have been another school shooting. While many kids think sometimes this stuff could be a joke and not take it seriously, obviously these teens that have been apprehended and are facing charges had […]