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Frankfurt Airport Payphone Rip-Off Scam BBG London

Just so you guys know, on my recent trip to the Mediterranean, I needed to make some phone calls from the airport because my flights screwed up. DO NOT USE THE CREDIT CARD PAYMENT FROM GERMANY’S AIRPORT! I was charged over $100 to make 2 phone calls not more than 5 minutes each. There are […]

Canadian Fashion Shopping at it’s Best!

If you’ve never been to, do yourself a favour and check it out! This is a Canadian retailer based out of Quebec, which means that unless you are in QC, you should only pay GST on purchases. Also, prices are in CAD$, which at current exchange rates, is a blessing! Right now they have […]

Why General Motors (GM) is doomed to fail

I own a GM vehicle, a Cadillac CTS to be precise. I bought one because I saw the car in the Matrix, and it looked so darn cool I had to have one. Mine is a 2005, so i’ve had it about 3 years, and I love the car. I love the way it looks, […]

Men’s fashion magazines

Indeed, there are tons of magazines directed for men who are into fashion, gadgets, trends and whatnot, but is there one that is dedicated to strictly clothing? I thought in this day and age there is always that perfect something for everyone…apparently not, as I found out today after visiting 4 stores that, IMHO, have […]

Christian Audigier Wine? Eh…

Yes, he is endorsing wine. The wine company is called “The Cool Wine”, which I suppose makes wine cool to drink, rather than something only stick-up-the-butt old folks drink. Its all a part of the new dont-wanna-grow-up culture that us 20 and 30 somethings are living in. The wine is a mid-priced product, with US […]