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Best Picture Oscar Nominees!

The Nominees are in for Best Picture, and for the first time in a while, I’ve seen most of them. The nominees are: Avatar Inglourious Basterds Up in the Air The Hurt Locker Precious Up An Education A Serious Man The Blind Side District 9 Seems to be quite a few nominees this year, or […]

Disney buys Marvel Comics!

Disney has now picked up Marvel comics, which seems like a match made in heaven, so long as Mickey Mouse doesn’t start making Cameo appearances in the X-men. Shares have jumped, and the payoff for investors is quite good, citing $30/share dividend payments as well as Disney Shares. The recent blockbusters from Marvel comics such […]

Billy Bob “Asshat” Thornton the Canadian-Hater

#1 Douchebag and Anti-Canadian Billy Bob Thornton is “perplexed” as to why Canadian audiences and media were so worked up by his ridiculous blow up on Q. He said that it at least gave “humpbacked geeks” something to talk about. Well.. I’m talking about you now, Billy Buttcheek, complete with your ridiculous overgrown soul patch […]

Slumdog Millionaire – Overrated?

Okay, was I the only one that thought Slumdog Millionaire was overrated? Yes, it was a great movie, and yes it was different and showed me a side of India that I never knew existed. Kids having their eyes burned out with acid in order to make them better beggars was not something that I […]