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Neon Clothing back in Style?

Is it? I sure hope not. I am getting old enough now that I am seeing style trends recycle themselves, and that’s a blow to my ego… however, this is one style trend that I don’t think should EVER come back… Neon! It was all the rage in the 80’s with Neon Surfwear and Skiwear, […]

Bonjour for Windows XP Screwing up My Internet

Well, another reason for me to HATE APPLE. See.. for about 3-4 months, I’ve been blaming my PC and network connection issues with TCP/IP and doing all sorts of things to try and fix the network problems I have been having. Basically my problem was this: Any sort of FTP or HTTP Browser window or […]

IX Webhosting No Good

I used to use IX Webhosting, but have since switched to MediaTemple. I kept up an IX Webhosting account just to keep my backup sites on it and to use it for developing websites for some clients, but even with the limited use, I have found that IX Webhosting is down what seems like 50% […]

Sid the Kid is Unstoppable!

Penguins advance to the Stanley Cup final, and sweep the Hurricanes! Amazing… The final should be a good one.. will Detroit take home the cup? Sid the Kid has that effect of making everyone around him play better, and at such a young age is an amazing team leader. So why the hell can’t we […]

Pirates of the Canadiana

Apparently us Canadians are amongst the worst of all the First world countries, logging in over 65 times more illegal downloads than legal ones! That’s interesting to know as we are one of the worst countries for intellectual property theft, and it is somewhat embarassing, though I cannot say that I have never done it […]