Still alive, and look at the sexy phone I found!

Posted by rob on Sunday, January 20th, 2008

Ok so I realize I have not really been doing much since my introduction but do to unfortunate events in my life and the stupidity of my internet service provider I am temporarily without an internet connection Don’t worry though that hasn’t stopped me from discovering a new passion. Well an old passion actually. I have found a phone that I would kill for. The Panasonic P900iv, yes a.k.a Cloud’s phone from Final Fantasy Advent Children. It really exists! Not only that but it isn’t just a pretty face. It’s a flip phone with a twist, no really you can actually twist the display so that it forms a 90 degree angle with the rest of the phone Why do you need this? So you can use the 1.95 Mega pixel CCD camera on the side of the phone like a camcorder. Once you’ve recorder your movies you can watch them on your 262,144 color QVGA TFT LCD Screen.

The display screen is 320×240 pixels and if that isn’t god enough for you then use the optional cable to view movies and pictures on your tv. Another great feature is that you can use a secondary camera located above the display screen that can be used for video calls. The phone can be purchased in black, orange and silver.


So now that you have all these wonderful details I should mention that this phone is currently unavailable in North America and is in fact only compatible with a Japanese cellular provider called NTT DoCoMo, and as far as I have found out there is no way to unlock them on our networks so don’t go buying one off eBay just yet. However there is a rumor that panasonic might be releasing a North American version of the phone sometime this year. I hope it makes it over here cause I know some celeb will make the mistake of making some home sex tape on it and have it leaked to the web. Heres hoping Amanda Bynes feels the need to purchase one of these sexy little beasts when they come out, but now I need to go have a cold shower while I think about the combined sex appeal of the Panasonic p900iv and Amanda Bynes in the same room.

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  1. No way! I mean, I agree, when I saw your post, it opened up my old burning passion of wanting this phone. HOPEFULLY it will be released in the US… but then if it wasn’t, wouldn’t it make you feel awesome to be among the very FEW to own it? (If it was unlocked) You be getting ALOT of glares. -_-

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