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R.I.P. Farrah Fawcett

Rest in Peace, Farrah. Though you were before my time, you were many a schoolboy’s fantasy, and worthy as a legendary pin-up girl and all-round sexy hottie. Here is a classic Farrah Fawcett shot with the nipple stag and everything.

Botox Cures Paralysis!

No seriously! It has, at least for 49 year old Russell McPhee. McPhee was stuck in a wheelchair for the last 23 years because of a stroke he suffered at a very young age. Now, with botox injections he has begun to learn to walk again, and with a proper plan and rehabilitation he hopes […]

Perez Hilton vs. Will.i.Am

Battle of the Tweets. Stars and Celebs are using Twitter now to communicate with fans because it’s easy, and it allows them to respond with their side of the story. Social media has completely revolutionalized the way we communicate and the speed at which communication happens. Perez Hilton tweeted that Will.i.Am assaulted him in from […]

Fake Ed Hardy and Other Designers

With the proliferation of buying and selling online, especially on ebay, it is easy to get suckered into buying a fake Ed Hardy Shirt or Jeans without knowing it. Additionally, stores in Vancouver and Richmond, BC, Canada have been known to sell fakes in the store. Most stores are easy to tell if they are […]

Vancouver Fraudsters Being Sued

Microsoft is suing a trio of Vancouver Fraudsters: Eric Lam, Gordon Lam and Melanie Suen. Click-Fraud is rampant in the pay-per-click advertising industry, as anything that people can do to rip others off for money easily will be. The lawsuit is for $750,000, though it allegedly cost Microsoft $1.5 Million in repayment to advertisers. Vancouver […]