Windows 7 > Mac OS X

Posted by the dood on Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Looks like Windows 7 has single-handedly surpasses Mac OS X market share.. and yes, that’s ALL Max OS X versions. Seeing as Microsoft Windows does have over 92% of all market share this is of course going to be an inevitable trend, but Microsoft’s overall market share has also increased this month, which means that we may see a proliferation of Windows again with their groundbreaking new version 7 OS.


Apple has been trying to capitalize on users upgrading to Windows 7 by telling them that they should just switch to Mac instead if they are switching… however, convincing users to buy a $1299 Mac when all they were gonna do was spend $120 on Windows is pushing it. Especially when you can get an new PC and windows combined for half the price of an iMac, with similar specs.

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