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Funny USA Sex Laws

Alabama, Anniston – If a woman loses a game of pool, it is illegal for her to settle her tab with sex. Arizona, Cottonwood – It is illegal for a couple to have sex in a vehicle with flat wheels. The fine is doubled if the sex occures in the back seat. Arizona – It […]

Canada is #4 Most Developed Country in the World

Just stumbled onto this HDI (Human Development Index) thing, which places Canada in the #4 slot in the list of most developed countries in the world behind Norway, Australia and Iceland. I wasn’t expecting us to be so high up there, but good on us!!! Link:

Jonas Brothers Cancel Vancouver Show!

Oh Noes! What will I ever do!!!! Those sexy, yet down-to-earth, ruffly haired Jonas Brothers won’t be coming anymore.. I will have to get my money back for my tickets.. even though I would much rather spend the evening watching them! Boo Hoo.

Peter Chao is my Hero

Peter Chao, a Chinese Guy from Vancouver area, has started up his own brand of humour along with three other white guys. It is satire in the vein of Russell Peters, but takes it to the next level with the Chinese Guy jokes. Really funny shit. Check out his Chinese Guy vs. the iPad one.