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The Killer’s Sams Town Abbey Road Version

The Killer’s hit single Sams Town was re-recorded at Abbey Road with less instrumentals, and primarily piano. This is such a great recording of this song, and sounds 100 times better than the original in my opinion. This single has been out for so long on the album Sawdust, but I just discovered this track, […]

Guns n Roses: Use your Illusion 1 Vinyl LP

I picked up this LP along with a few others at Audiopile on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. The owner there (or at least who I THINK is the owner) is a really cool guy, and the prices on the new LPs are pretty good. Additionally, he has a great used Jazz section and a great […]

Its a Polliwog in a Bog!

Canada’s finest pop-rock band releases their finest recording of their career, and takes home a Juno! The Barenaked Ladies take home a 2009 Juno for the Best Children’s Album of the year with Snacktime, their first Children’s album of the year. If you’ve never liked the Barenaked Ladies, you’ll definately warm up to them with […]

Lady Gaga Parties at Vancouver Gay Bar

It hit twitter last night hard, and this morning the official report from Jonny Staub, the daytime DJ at The Beat 94.5 radio station in Vancouver came in. After doing a late night 11-midnight show at the Commodore Ballroom in vancouver, Lady Gaga and her crew left with Jonny Staub and some friends from the […]