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Inside the Monster Power Center HTS 3500MKII

Ever wondered what the inside of a Monster Power Center looks like? Well check it out: The power center has great filtration for digital components and fairly good filtration for line noise as well. There are inducterless non-current limiting filters for high-current draw components such as power amps. Very handy! This is a good unit, […]

Review: Audio Note AN-K Spe Speakers

I purchased the Audio Note AN-K Spe’s on a whim when visiting Victoria, BC… at a place called Sound Hounds. It was on the recommendation of my friend Richard, who is an Audio Note fanatic! He runs the AN-E Spe speakers with an OTO SE integrated and some sort of non-audio note source. I must […]

Pro-Ject Perspective Turntable and Grado Gold

For the last little bit I have been running a Pro-Ject (or Project?) Perspective turntable. Previous to that I was running a Pro-Ject Debut II, right before the Debut III TT came out. I’ve been going through a number of different cartridges, including the Sumiko Pearl, Sumiko Blue Point Evo III, Grado Labs Prestige Gold, […]

Sound Diffusion Panels – Successful!

I’ve been adding sound diffusion panels to my stereo system, and have been having fantastic results. I am still manufacturing them in my garage with a chop saw and hand sanding everything. The mitre joints are proving to be difficult, however. Also am using flush-mount wall hangers to hang them, but no weight rating is […]

Eclipse and Maclipse on Mac OS X – Memory Problems

Lately I’ve been running Maclipse on a new iMac running the new dual core pentium chips, and 2 gigs of ram. Figured that if my windows machine running the same config could do it, the Mac could do it better, right? nope. The mac has TONS of problems with Memory. Its running Eclipse 3.2.2 right […]