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UD-10 USB Audio Converter from Trends Audio

Trends Audio just keeps releasing new things at very affordable prices. Lots of Canadian and American dealers everywhere for this affordable high performance line of audio components. This is what they say about their new Audio Converter: “There are more and more good quality audio DACs newly released. But, a good audio source is still […]

Usher Audio BE-718s Monitor Speakers

Usher is going to be releasing their new BE718s speaker, very nice. $2,500/pair. Using a1.5-inch beryllium tweeters, carbon-impregnated paper-cone midbass drivers, the tweeter heats the beryllium formers to greater than 700 degrees fahrenheit, turning it into high-strength beryllium oxide. It is said this ceramic’s enormous strength-to-weight ratio pushes the Be dome tweeter’s transient response to […]