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Gun Seizure in Nanaimo, October 11th

What is the world coming to? In fair Nanaimo is where our story unfolds… A man of 59, named Raymond John Waller is arrested and faces eight charges related to firearms and illegal weapons possesion. Right here in fair Nanaimo. On Manning street in Harewood… and they say that Harewood is a safe nice area. […]

Birthday Weekend in Vancouver

Yep, its that time again.. another year, another birthday. So, I headed down to Vancouver to visit my parents and friends that live out there for the weekend. It was a great time, got cool gifts, money, and cake along with free meals and all that jazz. I got to spend a bit of time […]

My name is Rob, and I like pr0n

This is my first post, so listen up. So I’ve really been into the idea of finding some new online hobbies.  Strangely enough I have fallen upon blogging.  Strange because I’m a shy and reserved person.  Now the first question I had on my mind when I started writing is what should I talk about, […]

New guy joins the team

A new guy is comin on board to add his humourous twist to the site. He’ll be updating the site with his own brand of infectious humour an narratives in his never-ending search to make another buck. Rob joins us as a dairy dept. manager in a local grocery store, and is your typical guys […]

Noodle Soup Diet – How I Lost Weight – Part 2

Here is how the noodle soup diet works. Noodle soup is made up of a good balance of Carbs, fiber-rich and non fiber-rich; complete proteins; and low in fat. It also has a large amount of soup in it, which is good for filling you up, but has the unfortunate downside of being high in […]