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SEOs Abuse Linkedin

Funny.. My mother sent me an article in a Canadian magazine called “Profit” about how to Optimize your websites for SEO purposes – this was the second article the magazine published, and was called Google Grabbers 2. It’s a fairly recent article, and she gave me the article about a week ago. In the last […]

Rega Brio 2000 Integrated Amplifier

My father decided that he was going to renovate/redecorate his home office, and I was charged with the task of finding him a suitable Amplifier and CD Player combo under $1000CAD. I decided to peruse the used market, as there are typically better values to be had there. I’ve always liked the sound of Rega […]

Free Kashi Granola Bars

In Case you guys didn’t catch the commercial, get your free Kashi Granola Bars here:

The Killer’s Sams Town Abbey Road Version

The Killer’s hit single Sams Town was re-recorded at Abbey Road with less instrumentals, and primarily piano. This is such a great recording of this song, and sounds 100 times better than the original in my opinion. This single has been out for so long on the album Sawdust, but I just discovered this track, […]

Do you have Conficker Virus/Trojan?

There were lots of really complicated was of detecting if I had conficker, and while I didn’t think I had it… its always something I would be paranoid about. I found a great simple visual eye checking guide that tells you if you have conficker by simply visiting the webpage and displaying images that use […]