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Don’t Get Duped by FAKE H1N1 Flu Medications

ANY Flu Medication or Vaccine that you buy online is fake. Believe it. Trust me, when you buy Tamiflu, or Relenza online from one of those Russian websites (that don’t look Russian) you will get some sort of Placebo or sugar pill. Don’t get suckered in because you are worried about your family’s safety… get […]

Water on the Moon – Big Deal Apparently..

So, NASA found 25 gallons of water on the moon, and its supposed to be a big deal. Google even made a logo about it! So.. this might revolutionalize our future.. yeah? hmm.. Reference:

More Reasons to dislike Apple

I don’t like Apple, not as a company, mostly because I dislike Steve Jobs and the way he runs his company. Sure he’s a genius and a Rock Star CEO all rolled into one, but the man is a Douchebag, and I refuse to own his stock because I refuse to support his company. While […]

What Manly Stuff Did I do today?

Well, I did several things to reaffirm my membership to the hairier sex. 1. I wrestled an Alligator. 2. I bench pressed 250lbs, 8 reps, 3 times, no spotter 3. I crushed a beer can on my head 4. I swore at the TV while watching sports. I feel very manly today. Oh yes.

Calgary Flamers Farm Team also H1N1 Queue-Jumpers..

Man these Flamers are really starting to show their true colors here. Its amazing to see what a corrupt and selfish organization the Calgary Flamers are with the recent article. Their Farm Team, the Abbotsford Heat, has also been caught jumping the H1N1 vaccine Queues. I guess you gotta train them young! Original Article