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Serena Williams’ Bloody Tampax…

Ew. I don’t think we need to hear any more about that, however, the new Tampax Commercial featuring Serena Williams versus Mother Nature they are very explicit about all the “blood” that Mother Nature will let Serena See. Distasteful? Yes. Does any of us really want to know all about Serena Williams’ Bloody Period? No!

Lest You Forget

A moment of silence for those that died on 9/11/2001, eight years ago.

Vancouver Restaurant Seafood Fraud

Just saw this on the Vancouver Sun this morning. Apparently a few of the restaurants out there using cheaper fish alternatives have been busted. I know it’s pretty common out there, as I’ve heard of many restaurants using pork and selling it as Veal, and using catfish instead of Cod, but this time it’s public, […]

Pirates of the Canadiana

Apparently us Canadians are amongst the worst of all the First world countries, logging in over 65 times more illegal downloads than legal ones! That’s interesting to know as we are one of the worst countries for intellectual property theft, and it is somewhat embarassing, though I cannot say that I have never done it […]

Carrie Prejean is Hot

I don’t really care if she posed nude, or whatever… does it really matter? The girl is smoking hot, and is relatively well-spoken. Even when put on the spot by Perez Hilton she answered it honestly. At any rate, who cares about the pageant crown, who cares about the topless nipple shot. This girl is […]