My hi-fi audio system

I run two audio systems, one in my den/office and one in my living room. I have been involved in Audio for 15 years, and ran a successful Hi-Fi Cable and Component Company for a number of years. I like to experiment with the latest in materials and consider myself to have an extremely discerning and critical ear when it comes to judging audio components.

Main Living Room System
Gershman Acoustics X-1/SW-1 Speakers
Odyssey Extreme Monoblock Amplifiers
Linar Pre-2 Preamplifier
Bel Canto CD-1 Cd Player
Sony DVP-S9000es CD/SACD Player
Pro-Ject 2Xperience Acryl Turntable
Grado Reference Sonata Cartridge
Ortofon Kontrapunkt “B” Cartridge
Furutech e-TP60 Power Conditioner
Monster Power HTPS7000MKII Balanced Power Conditioner
Sonocable & Nordost Wiring

Main System 2
Computer Source
NAD Viso Five
Reference 3A MM De Capo-I Speakers