What if…

Posted by frank on Friday, November 2nd, 2007
  • You have never loved or being loved?
  • The idea of time does not matter?
  • Materialism does not exist?
  • Pepsi Co. and Coca-Cola belong to the same company, even if they are making you believe that they are not?
  • You all of a sudden lose the ability to see colours?
  • The sun never shines again?
  • There were no fables used to teach us the meaning of life when we were kids?
  • You know you are doing something bad and yet you cannot stop yourself?
  • You cannot tell if you are living in reality or still stuck in a dream anymore?
  • No one is policing the police?
  • You all of a sudden think you are too old?
  • The world ends in the next hour?
  • You have no sense of right and wrong anymore?

These are just some things I think about all the time.

…Slow down, look around you and see what is going on and who is with you. Appreciate life, stop once in a while and smell the roses but most important of all, plan ahead but enjoy the moment.

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