The quest for easy cash continues!

Posted by rob on Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

    So as I’ve mentioned once already I’m always out to make a few easy bucks online, so let’s continue that quest.  If you read my first post you’ll know the way to make money is definitely not from internet porn.  However I might have stumbled upon something that works,  online surveys.  I’m sure you’ve seen them around,  you know those little ads that ask you to take a quick survey for cash.  Well there are actually sites that will send you notifications for those when they become available( I found to be the best one that I found).  Seems like a good deal to me, I sit there waiting for the surveys to pile into my mail box and then fill them out for money.  Usually they claim to take five to fifteen minutes to complete and pay about $5 a pop.

Ok sounds good to me so far, let’s look more carefully into this.  First off how do I know it’s not just some scam to get my info and start sending me copious amounts of spam.  There are a few ways to figure out if the survey you are doing is a scam.  The best way is to think about the questions they ask about you before you do the survey, most real surveys will ask a lot of detailed questions before you even start the survey to see if you fit the demographic they want.  Another way, well if they ask for anything like a credit card number, drivers license number or Social insurance number, then it’s probably a scam or even if it isn’t, do you want to risk it with that kind of info going onto someone else’s hard drive.  But hey I did a few already and they seemed legit.  Now when does that check arrive?  So far it seems like never . . .   Maybe some things are too easy to be true.
Better luck next time?  Peace.

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