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Hottie Desiree Jennings Gets Flu Shot and…

gets some weird nerological disorder!! This Washington Redskins Cheerleader, and certified hottie is now screwed for life as she can’t talk nor walk anymore due to this strange reaction to a flu shot that she got. Check out the video:

How to Tell if a Dress Shirt is Good Quality

There are so many different definitions of quality, so this will be a subjective article. Many people will consider that DKNY or Calvin Klein dress shirts are quality, and while they are well-made shirts that will last you quite a while, they are not a top quality shirt, and are simply the entry level all-cotton […]

Ed Hardy Boys: Case of the Missing Sick Belt Buckle

This is absolutely freakin hilarious. Ed Hardy Boys. Hah. The Ed Hardy Boyz: The Case of the Missing Sick Belt Buckle from Jon Daly

How Else Will Dyson Revolutionize Daily Life?

This is a hilarious little cartoon making fun of Dyson’s overpriced and perhaps slightly improved home appliances such as his vacuums and latest bladeless fan, which runs $300US+. Like many have said before.. he is the Apple of Home Appliances. Cartoon by Tobias Lunchbreath

Scare Factory ups the ante on Fright Night

Fright Nights in Vancouver has received an upgrade by the company Scare Factory. They start night and finish up on October 31st, 2009 at the PNE in Vancouver. Check out this page for more information. After hearing Amy Beeman’s R-Rated scream session going through the Haunted House, I’ve become quite interested in going myself this […]