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Flamers get Alberta Health Service Staff Fired!

Well, those greedy Flamers and their better-than-thou attitude, led by King Shit Jarome Iginla got an Alberta Health service staff fired by either bribing or coercing their way to the front of the H1N1 flu vaccine line. In case you guys didn’t read, the Calgary Flamers had their boys and their families pushed to the […]

The Calgary Flamers are H1N1 Vaccine Queue-Jumpers

Just reaffirming what I already knew about Calgary Flamer attitudes. Jarome Iginla and his buddies scored their vaccines before everyone else with their preferential treatment. Of course, they were stupid enough to get caught. So you think you’re better than everyone else, guys? Reference: Vancouver Sun Calgary Flamers Queue Jumping

Kills H1N1 in 15 Seconds…

That’s what Kid Carson said on his show this morning. This stuff is called T36 Disinfectant, and kills the H1N1 virus within 15 seconds. Its also effective against HIV and Hepititis B. Not a bad idea to keep this stuff around to clean the house and your hands. Especially these days. Since the H1N1 vaccine […]

Miracle Berry – First Taste!

I finally got around to trying out the Miracle Berry I ordered a while back, and let me tell you.. this stuff really does work! It is probably one of the strangest sensations that I have ever had… We consumed 0.5g of Freeze Dried Miracle Berry and waited 10 minutes to start eating.. I would […]

Caster Semenya is Half Man!

A report from the Telegraph reveals that Caster Semenya, winner of the recent World Championships WOMENS 800m Gold, is in fact a hermaphrodite. The reports, which probably should not have been made public, have embarassed her and her family. The reports state that she does not have a womb or ovaries, but has testes internally, […]