Miracle Berry – First Taste!

Posted by the dood on Monday, September 21st, 2009

I finally got around to trying out the Miracle Berry I ordered a while back, and let me tell you.. this stuff really does work! It is probably one of the strangest sensations that I have ever had… We consumed 0.5g of Freeze Dried Miracle Berry and waited 10 minutes to start eating.. I would say the strength of the berry peaked about 20 minutes in.


These are the foods we tried:
Fresh Lime – The lime tasted VERY sweet! The bitterness and sourness usually associated with lime was gone.. and tasted like we were eating Lime-aid, minus the bitterness. A very strange sensation to say the least.

Cherry Tomatoes – These were almost disgustingly sweet. They took on a syrupy quality combined with a tomato taste, almost like putting a cherry tomato in a tablespoon of honey and eating it.

White Vinegar – The White Vinegar tasted sweet, almost like a mildly sweetened water.

Teriyaki Chips – These tasted basically the same, perhaps slightly more sweet.

Baldersons 6-Year Old Aged Cheddar – No discernable difference.

Hot Wings – No discernable difference.

Wasabi – No difference.

Franks Hot Sauce – A significantly reduced level of spiciness, and a sweet overall taste instead of hot and vinegary.

Overall, this was quite the experience, and I’m glad I tried it. For the minimal cost of around $10US, I got to experience something that usually only happens on CSI 🙂

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