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Facebook > Google???

Looks like the battle for domination of US Internet Traffic has ended in Facebook’s favor for the first time. This is very interesting to those that use the internet as a means of income as it means that facebook may start branching out to take over Google’s ad revenue, which is their primary source of […]

Google’s Donating $20M for Christmas

Every Year, Google sends some gifts to their clients and publishers for their hard work. This year Google is doing something different, and very cool. Much better than a little USB drive with Google printed on it or something like that… this year they’ve donated $20,000,000 to various charites around the world. See more here: […]

Black Friday, Cyber Monday – Results Mixed

As we look back at this recession, we (at least I) hope to see encouraging Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales – indicators that we are passed the recession and are on a solid road to recovery. Online sales reports have been in, and we are seeing an 11% rise in sales from last year […]

Windows 7 > Mac OS X

Looks like Windows 7 has single-handedly surpasses Mac OS X market share.. and yes, that’s ALL Max OS X versions. Seeing as Microsoft Windows does have over 92% of all market share this is of course going to be an inevitable trend, but Microsoft’s overall market share has also increased this month, which means that […]

Technorati Removing Blogs from System

I’ve noticed this happened to a lot of people.. while I don’t really care about Technorati enough to make a fuss (I own 5 blogs and they have all been removed), but its unnerving to see this happening, especially to all the blogs out there that play the linking game to try and work their […]