Technorati Removing Blogs from System

Posted by the dood on Saturday, October 24th, 2009

I’ve noticed this happened to a lot of people.. while I don’t really care about Technorati enough to make a fuss (I own 5 blogs and they have all been removed), but its unnerving to see this happening, especially to all the blogs out there that play the linking game to try and work their way up building reciprocal links and Technorati does not inform nor do they tell you how to get yourself back on. I put up links to good stuff that I like, and never try and get inbound links… but seeing technorati micromanage every single little aspect of their search and ranking system really makes them seem Mickey Mouse. Could you imagine if Google did that? They’d be out of business. Even Google has a system to get re-included if you’ve been removed.

Sorry but Technorati is so last season. Move over Technorati, someone needs to build something that works.

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