Visit to the Audio Note Dealer

Posted by the dood on Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Drove the 100km down to visit the not-so-local Audio Note dealer yesterday, to see what they had brewing. In addition to the usual AN-E/Lexus selection was not much else. I noticed their Audio Note selection had gone down somewhat, and the majority of it had been relegated to the Audio Note room, as I like to call it. It is their listening room that is solely dedicated to Audio Note.

Oftentimes, they have Audio Note out in the main areas to listen, but not yesterday… instead they had a MASSIVE pair of the new Quad ESL-2905 Electrostats! Wow! At retail those things are $12,500US. The most expensive and arguably best-sounding Quad speakers I have ever seen.

Quad ESL-2905

Also checked out and listened to the SimAudio Moon Evolution gear. They had a complete system, Moon Andromeda, P-8 and W-8 Preamplifier and amplifiers. It was incredible to look at, let alone hear. They were powering a beautiful pair of B&W 800D speakers… the top of the 800 range. Wow! Not a bad way to spend $50,000… or whatever that stuff costs. I can’t afford it, but it doesn’t stop me from listening or drooling over it!

B&W 800d
SimAudio Moon Evolution

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