ASR Emitter Exclusive I & II Upgrades

Posted by the dood on Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

ASR Emitter

Half Note Audio, has announced the newest updates the ASR Emitters.

The list of upgrades is numerous:
Gold Plated PCB board
Bypass input
Balanced (XLR) inputs
Connection of two or more Emitters for monoblock and bridged operation

The gold plated PCB offers an optimal combination with the Teflon isolated massive silver wire used throughout for all signals from input to output. This change offers a very durable surface with very low contact resistance results in an even wider, more open soundstage and a smooth sound with improved bass precision and impact. Owners can now choose options including a second set of balanced (XLR) inputs and a bypass input for the Emitter II. An optional Digital Control can be used to connect and control two or more Emitters for home cinema or tri-amplification duties.

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