Great Speakers in the $10,000 to $20,000 Range

Posted by the dood on Friday, July 13th, 2007

There are plenty of speakeres out there, and the $10K-$20K range is plentiful.. so where does one start in the search for the perfect loudspeaker with $20K in the pocket? Here is a bit of guidance with 5 models that I recommend:

Quad 2905 electrostatic : it and the 2805 are the best sounding Quads I’ve heard. Some Quad purist may still like the 57 more, which I can understand, but compared to the 63 and models that follow, the newest iteration of that basic design is better.

Gershman GAP 828: funky looking speaker, but, a nice warm, full-bodied speaker. With tons of listenability, all-day non-fatiguing sound.

Gradient Revolution: a very flexible speaker designed for rooms with problematic placement (can be placed near room walls and corners). Well below the price level, but, in the iteration with fully active crossover, and factoring the need for an extra amp, it is certainly in the range. As far as sound quality, it is certainly a contender – and from a small company from Finland, no less!

Magico Mini: If you want an amazing small, atand-mounted speaker, this is one to consider. The sound may be a touch lean and bright, but the dynamics and “energy” is quite addictive. It is low in efficiency, but the sound is somewhat like high efficiency speakers.

Gryphon Cantata: another small speaker that was quite impressive sounding. Not as dynamic and aggressive as the Magico, so it fits a different taste.

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