DIY Hi-Fi Vibration Dampers – Kind Of…

Posted by the dood on Sunday, July 29th, 2007

Ever wonder why hi-fi audio vibration dampers cost so much darn money? Yeah… me too. $250 or more for a chunk of magical meteoric material that will make your audio system sound whole again! Well.. there is something to be said for properly damping the vibrations in your stereo system, but putting an overpriced paperweight on top of your CD Player might not be the best way to go about it. Sure, it might look nice and give everyone around you (well, the other audiophiles at least) penis envy, but won’t it be nice when you have a few extra thousand in your pocket for a nice dinner and a new case of Redbook CDs?

Well.. i have a solution for you guys… guys like me that like to try and run everything on the cheap, and guys that are tired of spending hundreds if not thousands for tweaks that could cost you less than $20. There are some companies out there selling these chinese-made dampers (which are really made for another purpose) for the bargain price of $25 or so… but you can probably pick these up at Jysk or any type of home-outfitter place like Ikea possibly for under $8 each.

Check them out:
Vibration Dampening

That’s two of them on top of my Gershman Acoustics X-1’s. Not bad looking, and not too pricey for $7.99 each! Worth a try? Definately. It seems to do different things atop different units. I have stopped using them on my speakers as it dampens them too much, but work well on top of my CD Player and Preamp.

Give it a try.. keep an eye out for them at home shops, they are sold as “door stoppers” but they’re really DIY vibration dampening in disguise!

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