Weedman Nanaimo is the WORST I have dealt with

Posted by the dood on Monday, September 10th, 2007

I had to send an email to Weedman Canada, because Weedman Naniamo is so hard to deal with. Weedman does not return calls, does not return emails, and continues to treat my lawn, 3 months after I asked him to stop.. several times.

I cannot comprehend how he even manages to run a business because I have asked to pay him, and he will not send me an invoice for the amount I owe, but continues to send me invoices for the treatments that I asked not to have, and continues to bill me late charges. I really don’t know what to do. I asked him not to set foot on my property anymore or I would charge him with trespassing, but I don’t know what else to do.

I really don’t want to deal with Weedman Nanaimo anymore. I have never dealt with anyone that is so oblivious to the customer.

Any of you guys ever dealt with anyone like that? *sigh*

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  1. These Weedman are getting on my nerves not only are they scammers but are rude as hell! THEY LIE SO BADLY! The called one time and i picked up and they said about a their service coming around the neigborhood to spray pesticides on dead grass and i’m just like..ok? and that was all! they are sending me invoices up to $220 or so just out of the blue and i NEVER agreed to pay for anything and they claim that they told me on the phone about all the invoices! We called to complain 3 times now! the first time we told them that we didn’t agree to PAY for anything and to stop whatever they are doing to our grass (it still looks the same as before btw) The second time, we called becuase they came back and started spraying our grass even when we specifically told them NOT TO! third time we called was today to complain and the lady on the phone was giving attitude and so damn rude? This Weedman is a huge joke and a huge scam! this is so frikin ridiculous! not only they they have terrible manners, they are unorganized and ridiculous!we have to take them to court soon LIKE SERIOUSLY

  2. It wouldn’t have a lady, as hired a pair of guys to work so he could answer the phones.

  3. Actually after Peter Langeman left Weedman, and left a huge mess in his wake to boot, I did receive a call from a woman trying to convince me to give them another shot as they were under new management. I said HELL NO.

  4. I know Peter personally, as I worked for him. Peter is a negative influence on the businesses he runs. Talks a good talk but comes up short on other things.

    The same people who run Weedman in parts of the lower mainland now run Nanaimo. They are rather hit or miss as well. Peter usually leaves a trail of BBB complaints in his wake.

  5. Yea i got called 100 times and talked to Curtis the manager and he was very rude and disrespectful. He’s the biggest a**hole ive ever met in my life f*** him and f*** weed man.

  6. My name is Derek Robertson,

  7. My name is Derek Robertson, and I am the new Marketing Manager here in Surrey. As has been posted already, we are now running the Nanaimo Weed Man Franchise and would love to hear and correct any and all concerns any past, current or future customer may have. We work hard at providing the best service, and want the chance to earn back your Business. Derek Robertson, Marketing Manager 604-591-5100 / 1877-612-5100

  8. Derek, your service is dreadful.

    We signed up for a summer long maintenance contract in Surrey.

    You never show up for appointed days and I just tried to call your office, no one is answering, and there is no voicemail.

  9. Weedman is still the devil!!! Don’t even look at them or they won’t stop calling you. I have been called 17 times on my cell over the past 2 months and visited 3 times at my door. I have called the police on them 3 times and they still will not leave me alone. They lied to me about several things… thank god I did not sign up for their service.

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