Toastmaster and something else

Posted by frank on Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Thanks for the welcome dood.

I have never really liked public speaking and it is definitely not a weird thing: the most feared single thing in this world for most people is public speaking, death comes next.

As fate would have it, in order to continue with my career path, the head honchos of the company made Toastmaster as a requirement, we would not even be considered if we don’t take it. So here I go, the one thing that I know is beneficial but have been putting off for the past years has finally come back to haunt me.

So tonight was my second time at the Toastmaster and it wasn’t really that bad compared to the first one, participants were very encouraging and supporting so that definitely helped me becoming comfortable with something that I dread going. Tonight I made a short speech and I was pretty damn quick on my feet and my speech was able to get some great responses and then of course there was some positive feedbacks along with areas of possible improvements.

The program is six months and I just can’t wait to finish…it would be nice. Though I am beginning to not detest going as much now and know that I will probably miss the people once I am done but as of right now, I just can’t wait, HA.

Another thing that I did today that I have been putting off for three months is that I went back to the gym and DAMN it felt good. So good that I am not going to write about it, you will have to get back into something that you have been procrastinating for too long to know what I mean 😉

Have a good one boys & girls.

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  1. Nothing like a stoge and coffee after toastmasters!

    They have a nice website:

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