Latest Affliction Red Label Shirts

Posted by the dood on Sunday, January 27th, 2008

Couple new ones out.. one in particular has caught my fancy. The Kari Barba Medusa T-shirt. Kari Barba is a tatoo artist from Long Beach, California. Her work is phenomenal, as is evidenced by this new shirt from Affliction. The idea of having all sorts of featured artists design shirts is really making the Affliction Red Label stuff stand out.

Kari Barba Medusa:

Also check out the rest of the red label stuff including the new Great Warrior Shirt.

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  1. hi…. i am Noel, from the Philippines.. i was wondering if u are the same kari nelson i knew from long ago.. her birthday is feb22. her full name is kari elizabeth nelson.. thanks

  2. sorry that’s not me.

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