Zero Hour Is Upon Us! Thats Right Guys V-Day Approaches

Posted by rob on Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

So here we are with 11 days till valentines day and those of you who have a special someone to buy for are probably frantic. Or maybe not. Lately I’ve noticed a growing trend, guys who don’t “believe” in Valentines day. I’m not an expert and I have not studied the growth in sales or anything like that, so maybe I’m wrong but it seems like the last couple years I have run into more and more guys who don’t do anything special for their girlfriends on Valentines. The excuses I hear lately are “it’s too commercial.” or ” I don’t need to do anything cause she already knows I care.”. Well guess what, if you fall into this group of guys then you should really start rethinking your out look.

Valentines day isn’t about convincing your special someone that you care or about getting them something expensive it’s about letting them know you appreciate them. Your relationship is probably in a sorry state if you have to use expensive gifts and a special day to make your girlfriend realize you still care. Valentines day should be about appreciating the people in your life who make it special. So go buy your girlfriend some of her favorite flowers and spend a little time with her. Try actually listening to her and telling her how much you care. It might not be a fancy ring but doesn’t she deserve to know just how special she is, even just for one day. Cause thats what it’s all about guys. It’s not about getting out of trouble or spending money. It’s not about getting crazy freaky sex that she would usually be completely against. It’s about making someone else realize even for one day that they are loved. So go out there this year and make that someone special know just how special they are.

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  1. Well said, m8.

    I’ll be taking the lady somewhere this Valentine’s Day.. and possibly booking something for the weekend upcoming as well 😉

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