The Ultimate Healthy Shake

Posted by the dood on Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

I’ve recently discovered a damn tasty yet healthy shake/smoothie that I’ve been drinking with my girlfriend. She is a huge fan of it, and it’s really simple to make. The only things you need to make it besides the ingredients are a blender and a measuring cup and a tablespoon.

The ingredients are as follows:
2 Scoops – Fitsmart Old Fashioned Vanilla
1 Scoop – Phytoberry
4 Heaping Tablespoons – Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt
1 Cup – Water/Ice Mixture
1/2 Frozen Banana
1 Cup Frozen Berries (Blueberry or Mixed)

Throw all the ingredients into a Blender and blend away! A few things to note:

-Try to put the fitsmart protein/fiber mixture in last, after everything is all blended.
-If your blender sucks, don’t use ice, just use a cup of water. The more slushy you want it, the more ice you should use.
-Using all blueberries is the easiest, as many other berries have seeds. However, other berries can give you some diversity of flavour.

Enjoy the shake! This should be enough for 2 full servings, and contains about 340 calories in total (170 calories per serving).

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