Atkins Diet Finale

Posted by the dood on Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Well, we’re doing the low-carb maintenance thing now, and its going well. I’m continuing to see increased definition in my abs, and I’m taking some supplements like CLA and Phase 2 to aid in the reduction of body fat.

I now allow myself around 60-70g of carbs a day, which is quite a bit if I don’t indulge on snacks like chips and stuff. When I’m hungry I’ll eat a smokie or something instead… no more popcorn.. no more snacking. I’ll have a slice of toast in the morning, and maybe a small scoop of rice with dinner. The most important thing I think is to stay away from sugars.

I’ve had experience with low-carbing before when I lost about 70lbs… this was 8 years ago… but I put some of that back on.. now its time to get ripped again. Yeah, like that’ll ever happen.

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  1. I am interested in trying atkins, but am not sure quite where to begin. Thank you for the good artical.

  2. Atkins Diet have helped me a lot to maintain a very good physique. My mom is also on an Atkins Diet. `

  3. actually my sister is healthier now because of the Atkins Diet;;*

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