Blackberry Curve 8330 Line 1/Line 2 Problem

Posted by the dood on Sunday, October 12th, 2008

As evidenced by the number posts on various Blackberry forums, RIM’s design of the new blackberry software has some glaring faults. The phone is built in with a Line 1 and Line 2 system so you can have two phone numbers attached to your account. They also made it really easy to switch between the two. So easy, in fact, that most users that don’t have a Line 2 accidently switch it to line 2 while the phone is in their pockets, making their phone essentially disconnect from the network and act as if it is off. Incoming phone calls and email are disabled, and you can’t even dial out!

This is a huge problem for me as it tends to happen about twice a day! I can’t receive calls when this happens and it drives me nuts. They really need to make a feature that allows you to disable the Line 2 because it makes the phone useless 50% of my day if this happens.

RIM, Fix this problem! If you want us to use this Phone as a business device instead of an iPhone!

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  1. I took my blackberry to my Alltel store and in less than a minute gave line 2 the same number as line 1, solving this problem.

  2. Hi… Thanks for this information.. but i wanna know how i can change back to line 1 or back to line 2.. on curve 8330.. Thanks you very much

  3. I went to Telus in Oakridge Centre in Vancouver to ask them to fix this problem and they told me that’s just the way the phone is and they can’t assign a line two – I just have to lock them phone when it’s in my pocket. The girl there was not very nice, and even though I got there before another person, she purposely asked the other couple if they needed help first. She had an attitude like she was better than me – can’t stand stuck up staff. Too bad its getting more and more common these days.

  4. Enter any number while you are doing that your name will appear in the field above. Scroll up to that field press the option button change line. If it doesn’t change just hit the space bar while in the field

  5. Alltell support told me to run a backup/restore, then backup all pics, ringtones, video to sd card.
    then goto and upgrade to v4.5 and install from computer.
    then run backup/restore.
    He stated that this makes going to line 2 harder but not impossible.

    hope this helps

  6. Awesome – Thanks for the tip. Looks like V4.5 just came out for Telus too.. Lets see how well this works!

  7. The 4.5 software upgrade worked perfectly and you cannot change your line from the call log screen anymore, which should help a LOT. I’m a little bit surprised that when I brought it up at the Connect Telus store that they did not tell me on December 30th. Actually, I’m not surprised. Those guys don’t really like to be helpful there.

    Thanks Jim!

  8. Roseane Brown on June 7th, 2012 at 8:20 am

    Thanks Tailordre, I spent 50 minutes with the customer support people and they had no idea how to fix the problem> I saved my day!

  9. Roseane Brown on June 7th, 2012 at 8:22 am

    Ops! I meant YOU saved my day Tailordre.

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