Leaky Gut – Is it Real and Do I have it?

Posted by the dood on Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Well, I don’t know if you have it, but I’m going to see if it’s the reason that I have eczema. I started getting Eczema on my calves and occasionally on my arms and elbows in very mild amounts… so little that you probably couldn’t see most of them unless you were looking really hard. But the ones on my calves are pretty bad, and need constant topical treatment of Elocom Cream.

I was at a seminar held by a Naturopath for a chain of stores that my fiance works for. Its a private seminar, not meant to sell a product, but to educate their associates on the products. The products are made by Enzymatic Therapy, a very well known brand in the alternative medicine world. They manufacture professional products for NDs (Naturopathic Doctors) and also mainstream products. The ND sharing claimed to have helped several people suffering from Eczema using these methods, and that it was caused by Leaky Gut and Candida Yeast infection.

To make a long story short, he basically said everything starts at the gut. Its the biggest entry into your body, and that is where you can fix a lot of your problems. So Based on his suggestion, I am going to try the following products. I have substituted Mega-Zyme and Eskimo-3 Oil as I cannot obtain them easily, but have chosen comparable, though slightly cheaper products. This is my Regime:

1 Enzymatic Therapy DGL Chewable Chocolate before each meal
2 Future Formulations Digestion Formula Forte before each meal
2 Enzymatic Therapy Pearls IC Before Bed Each Night
1 Tablespoon Ascenta Health Nutrasea Oil Daily in the Morning

I guess I’ll try this for a month and see if my Eczema just naturally goes away. I am on day 2 right now, and I can’t say either way whether or not anything is happening just yet. Stay Tuned!

NOTE: Looks like I will be getting the Mega-Zyme on Monday, so the second week of this treatment will have the proper Mega-Zyme enzymes, which Enzymatic claims is significantly different from the Digestion Formula Forte that I am using currently.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: I also got a bottle of Enzymatic Therapy Eskimo-3 capsules so I will be supplementing with 3 of those a day as well.

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  1. you need high doases of L- glutimene to heal the gut and cut your starcxhy carbs and sugar

  2. Thanks Kirk, I will buy some now and let you know how it goes. Right now what I am doing is not helping.

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