The 7 Hour Rule

Posted by the dood on Thursday, March 26th, 2009

How many hours of contact with a girl does it take for her to feel comfortable enough with you to have sex with you? Well, the magic number is supposed to be “Seven“. This is not something that is well-documented, nor is it a stat that most people talk about too much.


Quite often people talk about how many dates does it take for a woman to have sex with you, and often that number is said to be “three“.

In my experience, it can range anywhere from 1 date to 5 or 6 dates. With an average length of 3 hours per date, that is 3 – 18 hours. But that’s for me. I think having any sort of average is pretty useless, however, since every girl is different. The biggest difference with guys and girls is not that the guys want to have sex and the girls don’t, its that when the guys have sex they don’t feel cheap or used, and the girls often do when it’s early in the relationship. Usually they want it just as much as the guy does!

At any rate, I think stats like these are really pointless, as they often guide guys into making the wrong decisions. The most important thing is to read the lady’s response, and act accordingly. Sounds like common sense, but sometimes in the heat (or cold) of the moment, common sense goes out the window.

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