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Vancouver Police – Held to a Higher Standard

Should Vancouver Police, or any Police officers for that matter, be held to a higher standard? Damn rights they should be. It pisses me off when I hear about how people defend police officers and say that they made a mistake, or that they’re only human, or it could have happened to anyone. Because, yes, […]

Vancouver 2009 Gun Shootings Map

With the Vancouer being gangland central in the last year, the Vancouver Sun posted a very interesting google map that has all the locations of the shootings that have occured so far this year. With the gang war between the United Nations gang and the Bacon Brothers and the Red Scorpians gang there has been […]

Canada Child Sex-Abuse Pornography Bust

A 52-Year Old Saanich Man was arrested along with 50 others across the country in an Canada-wide investigation into Child Pornography. The man was arrested earlier this week, and involved a group of internet users that swapped images and files online. Several computers and digital storage devices along with hard copy prints were seized from […]

The 7 Hour Rule

How many hours of contact with a girl does it take for her to feel comfortable enough with you to have sex with you? Well, the magic number is supposed to be “Seven“. This is not something that is well-documented, nor is it a stat that most people talk about too much. Quite often people […]

Tiny Tata Motors Car

We’re not talking tatas til tuesday here, we’re talking tiny tatas! Yes, I know that was cheesy, but what I can say.. I’m a cheesy guy. Tata Motors is Indias largest manufacturer of motor cars, and if you’ve been paying any attention to the news in the last few months, they’ve announced what they are […]