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Great Wedding Photographer in Vancouver!

I just got married a month and a half ago, and through some referrals found a photographer that REALLY exceeded our expectations, providing digital negatives and more photos and time than anyone else, while producing excellent professional photographs. Additionally, he provided slideshows and had a two-person team at both our engagement and wedding photo sessions. […]

Buy Art, Not Real Estate!

Andy Warhol’s Michael Jackson portrait painted in 1984 fetched “millions” today at auction. The painting was recently purchased only in May for $278,500, and sold for an undisclosed amount. The estimated selling price was $10 Million. This represents a hell of a return on investment. Heck, makes you wonder if the original buyer had anything […]

MiracleBerry Has Been Ordered!

After seeing this Miracle Fruit or Miracle Berry mentioned on a CSI Episode at least a year ago, the idea of a berry that changes the way your palate perceives tastes of food has intrigued me. I enjoy food very much, and being able to suck on a lemon and have it taste like sweet […]

Hotties: Ashley Greene From Twilight Nude

Obviously I can’t post photos of her nude here, because the photos were taken by herself and are copyrighted to her, however, sexycelebritygossip has kep the nude photos of Ashley Greene up without fear of anything. So if anyone happens to have missed them, here they are on sexyceleb:

Twitter Outage Continues…

Twitter, the latest internet microblogging Phenom, continues its problems this morning with outages from a denial of service attack which has kept the website out of comission on and off since 6am Pacific Time. As many have said before me.. if Twitter intends to continue to be a big player in this game, they will […]