Women Ski Jumpers are Stupid

Posted by the dood on Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Call me a chauvinist, but the simple fact that the Women’s Ski Jumping sport is not mature and probably would not have the support both financially and atheletically (as in participants) seems to be a good reason to postpone the addition of the sport until 2014. Its not like they are not considering it.. they are POSTPONING IT.

Why don’t women football players attack the NFL for not having a women’s league? Instead, they build the sport, and try and gain exposure because the sport can’t survive if people don’t pay for it or play it! Focus on that instead, dumbasses.

Anita DeFrantz says, “Discrimination is treating a certain group of people in a way that you haven’t treated other people. So for them to say that there are too few athletes in ski jumping that you can’t jump is wrong”.

Is it only me that sees the logical fallacy here? That’s like me complaining to Neiman Marcus because their Women’s clothing section is bigger than their mens section. That’s like complaining to Hanes that they don’t make Men’s Bras (or maybe that do, and I just don’t know it).

Wake up! This isn’t like Rosa Parks. People do things when they make sense… and for the IOC, it just doesn’t make sense. Maybe I should petition the IOC to create a sport called Cellphone Button Pushing and then complain that they are discriminating against my sport because there are too few atheletes.

Face it.. the Women’s Ski Jumpers are using the Gender Discrimination Card to fastrack their sport to the Olympics.. what a bunch of Bullshit.

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