Tim Hortins Bans New Brunswickian

Posted by the dood on Monday, February 8th, 2010

Apparently a Tim Horton’s in New Brunswick owned by Edwin Dow has banned a guy from ever going into their store again because he has gotten Burnt Decaf coffee and complained three times about it.

Now, I can understand pain in the ass customers, and stuff. I’ve complained about lots of stores in the past, and while I think that many customers can be a pain, I think a lot of stores now feel like they have the right to treat customers any way they want, which is fine I guess if they don’t want the customer any more. However, they should be ready to accept the fact that they will get flack for it, and there will be fallout in some cases. I highly doubt all this bad press for Edwin Dow was worth three cups of coffee. If even two customers skip out on coffee now he will have lost money.

No, the customer is not always right, but when I go to Starbucks, and they screw up a drink, even a LITTLE bit, they give me a free drink! Virtually every time! When they screw up my free syrups in my drink and charged me for them, they gave me 2 free drink coupons. While its a bit annoying having to deal with stuff that they tell you that you are supposed to get, they make up for it, and it keeps me coming back. They make me feel like they want me as a customer, and I don’t mind paying a premium for a coffee that I enjoy drinking and a brand I enjoy associating with.

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