Canada Wins First Olympic Gold on Canadian Soil

Posted by the dood on Monday, February 15th, 2010

Finally, Canadian downhill mogul man Alex Bilodeau wins our first Canadian Gold medal on Canadian soil. And then of course the Australian’s think that their (former Canadian) athelete Dale Begg-Smith should have won it. Sounds like the typical sore loser speech. I have been of the opinion that someone that won before should not have, but this is a subjective judging, so there will always be a difference of opinion. When there are biases, people will always side with their own. However, this time their own was previously one of ours. Dale Begg-Smith, the former Olympic Gold medalist, was a Canadian, and now resides in Australia, selling malware annoy-ware internet advertising, and making millions.

Tarnished Canadian Image
Britain’s Guardian says that we’re too self-absorbed and tries to make us sound like a terrible country. I can understand, given their own stereotypical international image, that they would want to make others seem less.

At any rate, yes, the death of Nodar Kumaritashvili, the Georgian Slider, is a tragedy. Yes, there are many protesters here, and yes, Canada does want to win some medals. Maybe most of the other Countries criticizing would have preferred it if the Canadians just intentionally lost to keep our image of being polite?

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