eBay Final Value Fee Increase – Over Double in some Cases!

Posted by the dood on Thursday, April 1st, 2010

eBay’s latest fee increase comes on March 30th, 2010. They are now creating a flat-rate 9% fee on all auction style listings, creating over 100% increase in fees for many items. Fees that used to be around $10, could hit over $20!

Many eBay sellers are up in arms, but the Giant is tailoring their service towards the large format Store-style sellers and calling this a simplified fee structure, when in fact its just a money grab. eBay is under pressure to hit increased profit targets and it will do so at the expense of their sellers. Unfortunately they do have a monopoly on the market, which makes it difficult for sellers. Maybe Google needs to ramp up a Google Auctions?

Here is a chart of their fee structure. For items selling at $555, the peak increase is noticed at 141% increase in fees!!!

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