The Misconception that Microsoft is Bad, and Apple is Good

Posted by the dood on Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

There is a serious misconception out there, mostly driven by Steve Jobs’ misleading ads, that Apple is a good company, with your interests at heart when in fact it is driven by profit and Steve Jobs’ ego-maniacal need to out-do Bill Gates.

Bill Gates, along with his good friend Warren Buffett are both known to be extremely generous and philanthropic individuals, giving a lot of their time and money to charity and to the benefit of improving humanity as a whole.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett take that charity to the next level with The Giving Pledge, which urges Billionaire families and individuals to donate the majority of their wealth to Philanthropy.

The list includes 40 families and individuals, and also includes fellow Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Now, do you see Steve Jobs on that list? I don’t think so. Apple doesn’t do that stuff, is apparently the response. There are very little recorded charitable gifts, if any, on record by Steve Jobs and his wife – in fact, the only ones recorded are political donations to the Democrats.

Let’s face it, Steve Jobs, ergo Apple, doesn’t give a shit about humanity. In the end, Steve Jobs will be just some guy that created a gadget that will get lost in the folds of time, but Bill Gates’ foundation (along with Warren Buffett, who announced he will give 99% of his fortune to Philanthropy) will have helped millions if not billions of people ultimately, and help change the world in a positive way forever.

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